Brevard County Home InspectionIt is important to inspect a your prospective property thoroughly before buying it. Whether it is an old or new building, you have to make sure it meets all building standards. Proper inspection helps you avoid buying a property that has obvious or hidden defects. You may not have the expertise to inspect a building structure properly so it is advisable to contract a professional Brevard County home inspection company such as Owens Construction and Home Inspection Services, Inc. It is an affordable service that helps you avoid many problems associated with property buying. The home inspector will check the property thoroughly to make sure it meets all safety standards. Whether you are buying it to live yourself or to rent it, proper inspection helps you avoid buying a property that does not meet building or residential guidelines. The property may have various deficiencies and defects. There may be cosmetic or structural defects. 

A professional home inspector inspects every part of the house extensively to report all the defects in writing. The information and data of the report helps you take the right decision. We also offers insurance inspections. This type of service is needed by insurance companies, agents, homeowners and prospective property buyers. Whether you property inspection initiated with us in Brevard County or Sarasota County we conduct checks from the roof to the foundation. The inspection report will include information regarding structural strength, plumbing, electrical system, insulation, and heating and cooling system. The inspector visually inspects walls, basement, foundation, doors, windows, floors, ceilings, and other structural parts.

Buying a home involves a large investment. It is a long-term commitment that requires regular monthly payment if you buy it on a loan. Avoid unexpected surprises that would make you feel foolish or in doubt after buying. The problem with a property could be deliberate or an oversight on the part of the builder or homeowner. A property could have developed defects it had not been built properly or was not kept in good shape with regular maintenance. For a professional home inspector in Cocoa Beach to help you with a thorough home inspection, you can count on Owens Construction and Home Inspection Services, Inc.  Call us today at 321.863.3542