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Concrete over time becomes old, degenerate and discolored. Concrete restoration can be an alternative to replacing existing concrete that is plagued by cracks, stains and holes. Not only can concrete by restored on driveways, walkways, sidewalks and patios but also, floors, entryways and walls. What are the benefits to you? Costs less, less intrusive and can be completed in a shorter period of time. Let Owens Construction & Home Inspection Services, Inc help you through this process.



As a general contractor at Owens Construction we specialize in Hurricane Retrofitting, but we also accept jobs in Residential Remodeling both big and small. Serving the State of Florida, coast to coast, we will make sure your home is ready for the next storm. Don’t not procrastinate! 


Your roof survives a storm if it is airtight and resilient. This is done through strengthening and mitigating your home to stand up to the pull and push pressures of the wind against the structure. Flying debris during a hurricane storm can result in your home’s total destruction. By taking action now you can ensure your home and family are properly protected. We can help you save on the cost of insurance by providing you a step by step hurricane mitigation process. As a result you will be preventing damages, losses and be assured your property’s structural integrity. Here are the areas of focus:

  • Garage doors meeting the requirements of the 1802 WLM form
  • Roof deck attachment upgrade
  • Gable end bracing
  • Roof coverings meeting the 2001 FBC
  • Impact windows or Florida Building Code approved shutters
  • Retrofitting roof to wall connections